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University Campus Choir
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The interview is to determine your abilities.  Although we are a volunteer ensemble of community members, we do look for singers who have at least some choral experience (school, church, temple or community), and perhaps other musical training (instrumental or vocal lessons, or other music classes).  We are looking for members who have a good ear, and can find their way around a page of choral music.

The audition takes only about 10 minutes and is done privately with the Director.  There is  small form to fill out about yourself when you arrive.

You are welcome to bring a short familiar solo (with a separate part for the accompanist).  Otherwise you will
be asked to sing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee" (music and words provided).

Beyond that we will do some scales to listen to
different parts of the voice, some pitch-memory examples (playing a short string of notes and having you sing them back), and have you do a small sight-reading example just to see how you fare.


Mid September

or by appointment....please call 323-793-

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