Performances are spnsored in part by:
University Campus Choir

The combined voices of the University Campus Choir and the
Chancel Choir of Westwood United Methodist Church

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I. Chorus (9:00)
     Blessed are they that mourn... (Mathew 5:4)
     They that sow in tears shall with rejoicing come reaping... (Psalm 126:5-6)

II. Chorus (14:04)
      Behold, all flesh is as the grass... (1 Peter 1:24)
      Now, therefore, be patient... (James 5:7)
      But yet the Lord’s word liveth... (1 Peter 1:25)
      The redeemed of the Lord shall return again... (Isaiah 35:10)

III. Baritone Solo and Chorus (9:15) (Edward Levy, Soloist)
       Lord, make me to know... (Psalm 39:4-7)
       But the righteous souls are in the hand of God... (Wisdom 3:1)

IV. Chorus (5:37)
        How lovely is thy dwelling place... (Psalm 84:1-2, 4)

V. Soprano Solo and Chorus (5:52) (Lucine Zirekyants, Soloist)
        Ye now are sorrowful... (John 16:22)
        Yea, I will comfort you... (Isiah 66:13)
        Look upon me: ye know that for a little time... (Ecclesiastes 51:27)

VI. Chorus and Baritone Solo (11:09) (Edward Levy, Soloist)
        Here on earth have we no continuing place... (Hebrews 13:14)
        Lo, I unfold unto you a mystery... (1 Corinthians 15:51-2, 54-55)
        Worthy art thout to be praised... (Revelation 4:11)

VII. Chorus (9:35)
         Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord... (Revelation 14:13)

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