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University Campus Choir

About the University Campus Choir

The University Campus Choir (UCC) performs choral music that varies from pop and Broadway tunes to serious classical works.  It provides members opportunities to share musical experiences with friends and colleagues, and to perform their music for public audiences.

The choir was established in August of 1981 by Donn Weiss of the UCLA Music Department.  Weiss envisioned a choir that reached beyond student singers to include faculty, staff, and alumni.  After a few years a new category, “friends”, extended the scope of our membership to include all interested singers.  In our thirty-year history, Weiss's role as artistic director passed to other conductors, including Stephanie Henry, Irene Kim, Diane Rose, and our previous director Alexander Ruggieri.

Every Spring the choir presents a fun-focused afternoon of song and food and popular music as a fund-raiser to support our more formal Christmas and Spring concerts.  UCC has also performed at museums, churches, schools, and senior centers, as well as international events in Ireland and the Czech Republic.

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